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Ministry increases Zika monitoring after microcephaly in Thailand

Source: The Star Online

The health ministry stated that the Zika outbreak that causes microcephaly in babies is a very serious problem.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam claimed that he Malaysian government increased their alertness by beefing up monitoring efforts to prevent the spread of the virus in Malaysia. In fact, neighboring countries such as Thailand has confirmed 2 cases of microcephaly and it also South-East Asia’s first confirmed cases linking the sickness and the birth defect.

All quarters should have social responsibility to prevent the spread of Zika virus by making sure that the breeding spots are destroyed. Quarters that have been negligent will be fined.

The minister also advised women specifically those who planned to be pregnant should get medical assistance and a check-up first. According to Channel NewsAsia, the results of studies done in Brazil is connected with the Zika infection in pregnant women that causes microcephaly in their babies, a birth defect marked by small head size leads to grave developmental problems.

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Bed Bug Prevention: A guide for Travelers

We all know how filthy bed bugs are. They are also very hard to get rid of and they feed on blood since it is their main source of nutrition to mature into adults or produce eggs. The key method to not ever getting bed bugs is to identify and prevent them.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Prevention is better than cure. The main ways to identify is there any bed bugs is to inspect the bed and mattress for bed bug feces that looks like black pepper flakes. If there is signs, then it is an evidence of bed bug presence. Bed bugs looks flat with slight elliptical shape, they are usually in reddish-brown color, smaller than an apple seed & about the width of a credit card.


Preparation When Traveling

  • Pack a flashlight to inspect the bed and mattress of hotels to spot bed bugs and their feces easier.
  • Use hard shell luggage bags because they are easier to clean and don’t have much seams for bed bugs to hide.
  • Bring a plastic bag if you want extra precaution. Use it to put your luggage in during the trip.
  • Read hotel & car rental reviews to understand more about the place you plan to stay. Some previous customer might posted a negative review that mentioned bed bugs. Avoid places and car rental companies with those bad reviews.


Check All Areas of Your Room and Rental Cars

No negative reviews does not means there is no bed bugs, manually check your room and rented car as an extra precaution. There are some important areas that you should check:

  • Seams of chairs, couches, between cushions and in the folds of the curtains.
  • Drawer joints
  • Loose wallpaper and wall hangings
  • In electrical receptacles and appliances
  • Junction of the wall and the ceiling
  • Trunk of the car
  • Car cushions
  • Gaps

Coming Home

Never assume you are free of bed bugs. It is best to wash all of your clothing in hot water regardless whether you wear it or not because bed bugs might slipped in during any point of your trip.

You should also do a detailed examination of your luggage outside the house with a flashlight to prevent bed bugs from going into your house. Remember to check the seams, edges and zipper pockets of your luggage.


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1st Zika case in Bandar Botanic, Klang Malaysia

What A Surprise Gift To The Nation On The Independence Day!!!


Breaking news. Read more at:
A 58 years old woman who came back with her husband on a visit to their daughter at Singapore for 3 days on 21st Aug16. She was confirmed yesterday through the urine test yesterday at Sungei Buluh Hospital. Her daughter in Spore was confirmed on 30th Aug 16.
In Singapore, there were 115 confirmed Zika cases and out of which 5 are Malaysian living in Singapore.


Here’s the tell sign of the symptoms of ZIKA Virus.
It is similar to dengue fever but mild symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms
The incubation period (the time from exposure to symptoms) of Zika virus disease is not clear, but is likely to be a few days. The symptoms are similar to other arbovirus infections such as dengue, and include fever, skin rashes, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise, and headache. These symptoms are usually mild and last for 2-7 days.


Follow this simple illustration on the Following:-

1. Mode of Transmission
2. Symptoms of Zika Virus
3. Prevention
4. Treatment

With the above understanding, you can play an active role. Don’t wait for the government to do it, we need to do individually. Don’t play-play and it is serious and deadly life sentence to our next generation.

-)Wear long sleeves shirt and pants
-)Sleep on mosquitoes net
-) Use Repellent always
-) Make sure there is no stagnant water in any containers and gutters.


This is really scary to have a baby who will looks like this all the day for his/her life. What a tragic!!!

Complications of Zika Virus Disease
Zika has mild effects on most people, but can be fatal for unborn children. Infection during pregnancy can result in babies with small heads — a condition called Microcephaly — and other defects.


This is the Main CULPRIT! Aedes Mosquitoes that spread both deadly dengue and Zika virus

Zika virus is primarily transmitted to people through the bite of an infected mosquito from the Aedes genus, mainly Aedes aegypti in tropical regions. Aedes mosquitoes usually bite during the day, peaking during early morning and late afternoon/evening. This is the same mosquito that transmits dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever. Sexual transmission of Zika virus is also possible.

Prevention Is Better than Cure
Mosquito bites
Protection against mosquito bites is a key measure to prevent Zika virus infection. This can be done by wearing clothes (preferably light-coloured) that cover as much of the body as possible; using physical barriers such as window screens or closing doors and windows; sleeping under mosquito nets; and using insect repellent containing DEET or Essential oil.


Great Article by Dato Dr Amar Singh HSS
Senior Consultant Pediatrician.

Why we will Fail the Fight Against Zika (Pity our Children)
Posted on August 31, 2016 by


I hope the title has encouraged you to read this article. It is not meant to be pessimistic but a realistic look at our current situation. The opinions expressed here are personal and do not reflect those of the organisation I work with.

As we stand today as a nation, with our poor health behaviors, the Zika epidemic that is coming (if not already here) will hit us hard. The following realities or facts are the reason for my statement:

1. The Zika virus is spread mainly by infected Aedes mosquitoes and also by sexual transmission. Our nation is rich with Aedes mosquitoes.
2. The virus is new to us, we are not immune to it, there is no definitive drug to treat it and any vaccine will take a few years to be developed and tested.

3. Most importantly we have failed as a nation in our fight against Dengue, and the same mosquito vectors carry Zika.
Dengue may kill, but if you recover you become well again.
Zika will maim and cause significant disability, especially to unborn children. And as we are still not immune to it, large numbers have the potential to be infected. Imagine all our children that may become disabled as a result of this virus.

The numbers from countries struggling with the Zika virus are frightening, even to me as a medical consultant. Current evidence suggests that between 15-20% of infected pregnant mothers will have a baby with brain damage, especially in early pregnancy.

We may want to believe that we can prevent Zika from reaching Malaysia but that is a myth. The symptoms of Zika virus disease are very common (fever, rash, headache, red eyes, etc) and many people infected with Zika will have mild symptoms or no symptoms.

The best way to prevent Zika is to prevent mosquito bites. This means getting rid of Aedes mosquitoes. The public will demand that the Ministry of Health (MOH) take action on this, like they have for Dengue. But Zika, like Dengue will not be controlled by the MOH alone, but only with the involvement of the people of this country, every person.

Vector borne diseases require us either to avoid the vector (preventing mosquitoe bites is not easy) or removing the vector (preventing mosquitoe breeding which is possible). But we are a dirty nation. We like to believe it is a minority that throw rubbish and the majority are civic minded. But the reality is that many Malaysians throw rubbish anywhere they like. A visit to recreational areas will show you how trashed we are. Our cities are rubbished, drains choked and even hospital compounds littered by visitors.

We have a small window of opportunity to prevent the wide spread of Zika virus in the nation.

Every single Malaysian needs to act today to prevent Zika transmission.
We need to aggressively, proactively and consistently keep our home compounds, our neighbourhoods and our cities clean. We must empower our authorities to take action against those who do not do so and endanger the health of our children. This includes construction sites, recreational areas, public amenities, etc.

Our politicians must not be allowed to interfere when compounds are issued for mosquitoes breeding at projects or development sites – governmental or private. Our city councils must really work, not claim to work. We must work as communities to change our recalcitrant neighbours.

Some will say it cannot be done but this is not true. Singapore has been able to reduce its Aedes household/premises index (percentage of facilities breeding Aedes) from 50% in the 1970s (i.e. every other house) to 0.2% in 2013.

When our children get disabled as a result of Zika, let’s not blame others but ourselves as a nation.

Zika and Dengue prevention are the responsibility of all Malaysians.
We will win this fight as a nation united or not at all.

Thank you.

Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS
Senior Consultant Paediatrician

” Malaysia 1st Zika Case:-Full Statement by The Minister Of Health:- “


Top 5 things you need to know about ZIKA

1- Zika normally spreads through infected mosquitoes but you also can get through sex.

Many countries have the species of mosquitoes that is can transmit Zika virus. These mosquitoes are usually aggressive during daytime but still a threat during night time. Moreover, Zika can transmit via sex from an infected person to his or her partners.


2- Prevent mosquito bites to prevent Zika infection

  • Insect repellent is proven to be effective
  • Wear long sleeved shirts and long pants
  • Stay indoors and places with air conditioning


3- Zika is associated to birth defects

Zika infection during pregnancy can cause microcephaly which is a severe birth defect that causes small heads and incomplete brain development on infants. Do not have sex or only have protected sex if you have a partner who traveled or lives in Zika infested countries.


4- Pregnant woman should avoid travel to areas with Zika

Only travel to areas with Zika if it is a must. Consult your healthcare provider to get advice on how to prevent mosquito bites before the trip.


5- Returning infected travelers can spread Zika virus via mosquito bites

If you get infected and a mosquito bites you, the virus can be pass on to the mosquito. The mosquito will become infected and can pass the virus to another person. Therefore, returning travelers must use condoms or no sex if they are afraid of passing the virus to their partners.


CORRECTS CDC IS INVESTIGATING WHETHER AEDES ALBOPICTUS SPREADS THE ZIKA VIRUS, NOT DEFINITIVE - This 2003 photo provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a female Aedes albopictus mosquito acquiring a blood meal from a human host. On Friday, Jan. 15, 2016, U.S. health officials are telling pregnant women to avoid travel to Latin America and Caribbean countries with outbreaks of a tropical illness linked to birth defects. The Zika virus is spread through mosquito bites from Aedes aegypti and the CDC is investigating whether it is also spread by Aedes albopictus. The disease causes only a mild illness in most people. But there’s been mounting evidence linking the virus to a surge of a rare birth defect in Brazil. (James Gathany/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via AP)

Malaysia confirms first case of Zika infection in 58 year old woman

Malaysia confirmed on 1st September 2016 (Thursday) its first Zika infection in a woman who lately went to neighboring Singapore for 3 days to visit her daughter on Aug 19. Her daughter is among 5 Malaysians working in Singapore who are infected.

The victim, a financial consultant working in Kelana Jaya had showed signs of Zika symptoms such as rashes and fever one week after returning from Singapore. Her husband’s test results came out negative while their daughter is getting well in Singapore.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Subramaniam, claimed that the woman is currently getting well in Sungai Buloh Hospital and would be discharged within a day or two. Fogging around the victim’s neighborhood was increased, covering up to 400m radius as a countermeasure effort.

The Malaysian government also beef up check points between Malaysia and Singapore by ordering immigration authorities to use mosquito repellent to spray into vehicles.

EPA_Zika_ml_160212_12x5_1600 - Copy


Zika is spread typically by the bite of infected Aedes mosquito. These mosquitoes are aggressive bloodsuckers during daytime, they can also bite during night time. Currently, there is no vaccine to combat this dreadful virus.

Malaysia confirmed on 1st September 2016 (Thursday) its first Zika infection in a woman who lately went to neighboring Singapore for 3 days to visit her daughter on Aug 19. Her daughter is among 5 Malaysians working in Singapore who are infected. The victim, a financial consultant working in Kelana Jaya had showed signs of Zika symptoms such as rashes and fever one week after returning from Singapore. Her husband’s test results came out negative while their daughter is getting well in Singapore.

According to Al Jazeera, Zika virus caused more than 1600 cases of birth defects also known as Microcephaly. Current research also suggests that Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS), an uncommon sickness of the nervous system, is strongly associated with Zika.


Leticia de Araujo holds her daughter, one-month-old Manuelly Araujo da Cruz, who was born with microcephaly after being exposed to the zika virus during her mother’s pregnancy

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Ancient Termites: Forefathers of farming 25 million years ago

Agriculture exist 25 million years ago but it was not practiced by humans. In fact, humans did not even exist 25 million years ago, but who is responsible for the agriculture if there were no humans back then?

The answer is termites. Scientist have sufficient evidence to back this claim, according to evidence, micro scale farming was carried out by termites when Homo sapiens did not even exist.  These ancient farmers who are the pioneers of agriculture produced fungus.

Termite workers tending fungus in their garden.

Termite workers tending fungus in their garden.

Based on a research team, led by Eric Roberts from James Cook University and researchers from Ohio, they have found some of the hoariest samples of “fungus gardens” in a 25 million year old termite nest fossil in exposed cliff sides in the Rukwa Rift Basin of southwestern Tanzania.

Based on a journal published by PLOS ONE, some species of termites develop fungi in “gardens” in their underground compartments or nest to help them transform plant substances into termite food that is easier to digest. Scientist also found out that termites have an “obligate symbiotic relationship” with the fungus. This indicates that both termites and fungus cannot exist without one another. Thus, this is further confirmed when DNA from modern day termites showed that termites have started fungus farming approximately 25 to 30 years ago while the fossil in southwestern Tanzania also serves as evidence to double confirm the date and granted researchers better understanding of the symbiotic relationship between termites and fungi.

The relationship between termites and fungus is also expected to be one of the factor that influenced how nutrients were concentrated across the landscape, manipulating the evolution of Africa’s animal and plant life.

In conclusions this is a groundbreaking finding because it helps us to understand more on evolutionary biology and environmental changes throughout the multi-million year time frame which scientist believe the earth has existed.


The wrath of Zika Virus: Invasion of Florida

Zika virus has started its dreadful charge and it has arrived in Florida, a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It has strike fear on the local population and tourists.

The current risk level is being updated to “moderate” by Public health England due to 4 people in the state have contracted Zika virus although the victims did not been to Zika hotspot or having unprotected sex with any infected partners. Tourist in Florida were also advised to refrain from unprotected sex while having their vacation.

Pregnant women were recommended to delay all unnecessary flights to Florida, following the epidemic of the virus. Thus, people returning from Zika- affected areas should aware or symptoms such as rashes, itching, joint pain and headaches because those are some of the symptoms of the virus. In fact, 80% percent of people who are infected never suffered any symptoms but infection in pregnant woman can cause miscarriage and microcephaly also known as abnormal smallness of head in infants.

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