Joint Effort Relieves Long Lobang From Cockroaches And Other Pests

On the 14th of May, 2014, Ridpest has teamed up with Foggers Sdn Bhd and Bayer on a mission to eradicate pest infestation in Ulu Baram, interior Sarawak.

The company took the initiative after its founder and CEO, Mr Stephen Liu, has heard about the severe cockroach infestation that hit Long Lobang village in Sarawak where no pest control company is available to address the problem. “My immediate response was: Ridpest can do it, let’s go!” said Stephen.

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Staff Mutual Kindness On Flood Affected Colleagues

A few weeks back, Malaysia has experienced severe floods that has became the worst recorded in the country’s history. Several regions in the East-coast of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah were affected with Kelantan being the most, followed by Terengganu and Pahang. The floods have inflicted colossal damages on properties, crops and livestock.

The disaster has also put many victims in a state of devastation aggregated by the cold, hunger and lack of shelter. The floods took several weeks to recede. Thousands of homes were either completely destroyed or covered with thick mud, and dead animals were scattered everywhere.

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Tips on Finding a Pest Management Professional (PMP) Company

Fancy_rat_blazeSally was having a pot luck dinner with invited friends at her brand new home. In the middle of the fun and laughter, guess what? A fat black rat ran along the side wall of the room. Imagine the screams and the shrieking by all the ladies! What happen next is history …

Before the night is over, Sally searched through the web to find a reliable pest control company. So many choices …. which one to choose ?

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The Mosquito Killer Laser: A Brilliant Concept That Never Took Off

The Photonic Fence, also known as Mosquito Laser, is an ingenious invention devised by Intellectual Ventures in an effort to eradicate malaria, one of the world’s deadliest diseases. The device was built to detect mosquitoes, carriers of malaria, and eliminate them using a concentrated beam of laser.

While this might seem like a cool straight out of ‘Star Wars’ solution against a pest problem, it’s been four years since the device was introduced by back in 2010. Yet, we haven’t heard much of it since then.

What happened?

Did the ‘Stormtroopers’ confiscate the weapon upon a request from mosquitoes? Unlikely. The most plausible explanation of why the mosquito laser hasn’t gained enough popularity is due to technical issues that questioned its feasibility.

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