Identifying The Bites Of Common Household Pests

Being bitten or stung by an insect is an unpleasant experience shared by many people. But the worst part of it is when you don’t know what bit you, was it an ant? A bee? Or just your imagination? Knowing the species of the ‘thing’ that caught you off-guard is very important because it will help you take necessary measures in dealing with the bites. Luckily, not all bug bites are the same. Here is a list of common bites with pictures to help you identify them, in case you were the unlucky one.

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6 Reasons You Are A Mosquito Magnet

Mosquitoes adore human blood. There is no argument about that. But haven’t you wondered why they bite humans particularly? Why not a tree, a chair or a laptop? This question might sound silly at first thought. But it makes a lot of sense as it helps you understand the reasons you are irresistible to those nuisance blood suckers.

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10 Things Most People Get Wrong About Pests

Pests aren’t just an annoyance, they are carriers of deadly diseases and the culprits behind serious damages inflicted on our homes and properties. The way most of us perceive or think of pests, nonetheless, has never changed since antiquity. Whether these pests were mosquitoes, termites or cockroaches, the majority of people share common beliefs about them that are contrary to reality, according to pest control professionals.

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