Termites: Definition, Identification and Elimination

Termites are commonly known as the ‘destroyer’. They can cause severe damages to wood, furniture and any plant-based materials that contain cellulose, their primary food. Termite’s chewing mouthparts are designed to tear woods into tiny pieces while protozoans found in their digestive tracts help them digest the cellulose consumed.

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Red Shield Industries Testimonial about PlantZom

1 February, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

About a year ago , we were blessed to move to our present premises at 356/358 Tanglin Road with a very large expanse of land, three times larger than our former site at Upper Serangoon Road.

As the premises had been neglected for quite some time and there were mosquitoes everywhere. Suspecting that this is a large population of the Aedes mosquito, we were very concerned because we were about to take over the new location right in the midst of the worse dengue outbreak in Singapore!

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