9 Hair-raising Facts About Termites

Termites are freaks of nature. Many of us don’t know what they look like, or even seen one. Yet these tiny wood-munching creatures are behind more than 5 billion Dollars in property damages each year. It seems like termites is a seriously expensive problem after all. But what else do we know about them that can raise the hair on our skin?


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What Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods Are Out There?

It’s Earth Day today! It’s also the day that we look one year back and ask ourselves; what we’ve done to save our beautiful yet vulnerable planet? As advocate of eco-friendly pest control, Ridpest has always contemplated the environmental impact of various pest management solutions before integrating them into its services. There are numerous eco-friendly pest control strategies that help combat pests yet in the same time inflict little or no harm on the environment.

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Customer Review: Ridpest’s Fleas Treatment

Fleas are blood sucking ecto-parasites that feed on warm blooded animals including humans. They use their maxillary blades to cut its host’s skin. They suck on the bleeding wounds using a siphon. In advanced, their saliva contains anticoagulants which prevents blood from clotting. Feeding are only attempted by adult fleas. They can survive several months without feeding.
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The Geographical Distribution of Dengue Fever

Presently, around 2,5 billion people are at risk from dengue fever. It’s been estimated by the world health organization (WHO) that there might be around 50 million cases of dengue infection expected every year. More than 609,000 cases have been reported in the Americas in 2001 alone, double the number recorded in same region in 1995.

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