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Restaurants ordered to shut down

Source: The Star Online

TWO restaurants in Jalan Bandar, Pusat Bandar Puchong, have been ordered to shut down by Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) because of their lackadaisical attitude towards cleanliness.

Both the premises had been given Grade D as they were dirty and not well-maintained.

Council health officers inspecting the restaurants found slippery and dirty floors, one even had food waste strewn all over its floor.

Signs of cockroaches were also seen near food supplies in the kitchen.

Workers at one of the restaurants were clad in dirty shirts, had long fingernails and were not in proper footwear, while at the second eatery, it was discovered that some of the workers had not received vaccination for food handling.

Workers were also caught washing dishes and preparing food in the back alleys and near drains.

The two restaurants were also guilty of failing to practise proper food separation of the raw ingredients and instal grease traps as well as allowed food waste to flow into the drains.

The health and cleanliness inspection was also carried out in 13 other restaurants along Jalan Bandar 1 and 2 in the same spot check.

In total, 18 compounds and 14 notices to improve cleanliness were issued.

MPSJ Corporate Communications officer Muhammad Azli Miswan said this was a routine check by the council’s Health Department.

“As of October, MPSJ has ordered 70 food premises to close for cleanliness problems. Inspections will also be conducted when there are public complaints,” he said.