How are Termites harmful to humans?

Unlike cockroaches and rats, termites doesn’t carry and spread diseases Molddirectly to humans. Their bites and stings aren’t majorly toxic to humans either. Regardless, termites are rather dangerous when it comes to the destructions of wooden furnitures, and houses. Throughout the years, termites had caused an extremely costly repair due to the damage it has done. Thus, what can be so harmful about termites?

Possible Health Issues caused by Termites


Termites prefer to infest damp and dark areas in your home, where the mold normally grows. Mold spreads through the wood or wall when the environment consist high level of moisture. As a result, the spores surfs through the air as termites burrow through the infested wood thus, causing an intensely spore-polluted air.Termite trail

Spores could be harmful to those with allergies or asthma, and also causes inflammation or irritation when it gets contract to our skin. Even though termites rarely affected our health problem directly but the effect of their infestation may harm us. Thus it is better to eliminate the possibility of risking your health and get rid of termites at once.

Other effects of Termites

The existence of termites itself exposes many things to damages and dangers that it can cause through the irreversible destruction. Termite can go undetected for years without you realising it and caused extreme damage to your wood structure.

Termite trail+ Mold

It is very important to hire a professional to conduct a termite inspection at your home at least once a year. However, if your house had previous termite infestation, you are recommended to have an inspection more frequently.

Regardless of how termites can cause problems to human health, the prevention of termites are far better than leaving it be – to prevent costly damage that will be difficult to be eradicate.

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