FREE OkaPrimus Hydrogen Alkaline Water Filter

Get FREE GIFT OkaPrimus H2A 5-stage Hydrogen Alkaline UF Water Filter (complete set) worth RM3,888 when you sign-up a NEW contract, any RENEWAL contract or REFER your family, friends or neighbors for Ridpest’s services and products above RM2,000.

This special tie-up is between Ridpest Sdn Bhd with Okamizu International Sdn Bhd who is specializing in air & food detoxifier and water purification for the past 12 years.

The most unique of this OkaPrimus H2A is that it is the 1st combined 2 in 1 hydrogen and alkaline water filter. It can produce up to 1,500 pbb hydrogen which is 5x higher antioxidant than any normal alkaline water purifier and at the same time providing an alkaline pH to balance our body acidity.

It has following unique features:

  • 5-stage water purification system
  • Sleek and beautiful design (glass panel)
  • 100% filtration up to 0.01 micron (normal water filter 0.1-0.3 micron) x 10 times more efficient
  • BACKWASH technology function
  • 100% Chlorine filtration (with SGS lab test)
  • Affordable replacement filter
  • No cleaning required (can  )
  • Does not need electrical plug
  • Natural Hydrogen Alkaline Minerals

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