The presence of pests at home is always a nuisance and the first thing that comes to your mind is probably to eliminate pests with “DIY” ideas.  Nevertheless, there are some factors pest management professional control service understands that you may not give thought to. Pest control is a job for the experts because:

Safety risks – Pesticides often contains dangerous chemicals and without proper pest removal training by chance can harm or poison pets and people. Removing pests irresponsibly may get hurt. For example, you can be stung by bees and raccoons carry disease like rabies. Ridpest has both the training and equipment to remove these pests and keep everyone safe.

Environmental Damage – Pollution and toxicity of water sources due to pesticides can contribute damage to nearby plants or animals. Ridpest knows how to tackle the problem pests and apply the chemicals properly.

Lack of training – Each kind of pests’ problem requires its own method of removal and an inexperienced person doesn’t know the method to use insecticides or traps safely. Ridpest has the knowledge and skills to rid of the pests without causing any harm and damage to the surroundings.

Applied Cockroach Gel at the infected area

Lack of understanding – A novice usually identify the pest problem based on what they see (e.g. present of termites in their house) and try treating the problem with their own remedies without treating the cause which will allow the pests to return. Ridpest knows how to identify the source of a problem and solve it from the root.

Lack of guarantees – DIY solutions are not long-term solutions. Ridpest will help you deal with your pest problems in just one phone call away. Our experts will guide you and give recommendations regarding a course of action that is needed to be taken and carry it out the process safely.

Waste of money and time – The result of DIY solution might not be as effective as you probably wished for. Carrying on these efforts is a substantial waste of money and time. Ridpest provides the ultimate solution at a reasonable and agreed-upon price.

Residual Spraying Treatment

Eliminating pests with “DIY” solutions is always a risky move, be it with the chemicals waste or the pests themselves. Leave the risks to Ridpest and free yourself from the unnecessary burden and worry.

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The Science of Life Studies 24/7 (SOLS 24/7) was founded in 2000 by Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh. Through various education and social empowerment programs, SOLS 24/7 works unconditionally towards transforming underserved communities to develop their true potential and break the cycle of poverty. Using revolutionary and custom-designed models – Science of Languages, Science of Technology and Science of Life – their organization provides free education and social empowerment programs to underserved communities in Malaysia.

Hostel of SOLS 24/7

In late November 2019, the SOLS 24/7 encountered bedbug problem at the boys’, girls’ and teachers’ dormitories. Ridpest seized this opportunity to help eliminate this pest as part of their social corporate responsibility because they believe their responsibilities goes beyond just making profit to include protecting and improving society’s welfare.

Below are some pictures of the situation encountered by SOLS 24/7


Bedbugs found on the sides mattress 


Eggs of bedbugs found on the side of board panel and mattress


Bedbugs found on the board panel and plug socket


Dead bedbugs found at plug socket after treatment done


Ultra – low volume and residual spraying done


Mr. Saiful and Mr. Hilal entomologist from BASF

Mr. Saiful and Mr. Hilal entomologist from BASF, were also on the site to help along in making inspections on the bedbugs. We also used a new formulation named Seclira SG in this procedure to get rid of the bedbugs’ infestation which is non-staining, odorless and harmless but controls a broad spectrum of pests including ants, cockroaches, wasps, bedbugs, mosquitoes, and other crawling insects.

As of to date, the teacher’s dormitories were free from bedbugs infestation and the infestations at the boys’ and girls’ dormitories were reduced. Thus, helping SOLS 24/7 were indeed rewarding as the quality of life of the students and teacher were improved tremendously especially knowing well enough they now have a good slumber and living in a pest-free environment.