Until now, there is no WHO-approved Coronavirus vaccine available. Therefore preventive measures must be taken in order to reduce the risk of contracting this virus as it spread easily. Viruses, germs, fungi and bacteria can contaminate the air and linger on surfaces from few hours to a number of days. So far most conventional household products are not tested nor has the efficacies against coronavirus.

Ridpest offers Professional Disinfection Services to help you sanitize and disinfect your workplace or home  lowering the risk of possible infection through surface contacts. Ridpest uses a certifiedand renown disinfectant called Rely+On Virkon.

Rely + On Virkon

Rely+On has one of the broadest virus/bacteria/fungi efficacies tested todate, it has an efficient and environmentally safe chemistry among most disinfectants. These qualities make Rely+On Virkon the disinfectant of preferred choice for the use in medical facilities, pathology and biosafety, laboratories and residential homes.

  • Suitable for homes, offices & more
  • 99.9% effective against virus and germs
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Approved by US EPA
  • Used by renowned Government labs (IMR & MKAK Sg.Buloh)
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Professional Team
  • Ridpest only choose US EPA certified and lab proven disinfectant.
  • It’s a safe cold mist using the Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) to increase area coverage unlike certain disinfectant where it is hazardous eg. alcohol which causes fire.
  • It is a US EPA certified product. It is environmental friendly and any leftover solutions can be discharge directly into the drain.
  • It has a broad spectrum: independently proven and highly effective against over 600 strains /clinical isolates of viruses/bacterias/fungi
  • Ridpest uses a very safe and powerful disinfectant using Hypochlorous acid against the viruses/bacteria/fungi
  • It has an accredited lab test report from US which shows complete inactivation of the MERS coronavirus
  • It is locally used by two renowned Government labs currently handling COVID19 sample screenings (IMR & MKAK Sg. Buloh)
  • It is a biocide disinfectant recommended by WHO for handling outbreaks. When spraying this disinfectant, there will be a complete inactivation of viruses/bacteria/fungi within 10 mins of contact time. It doesn’t leave residues/coating on your surfaces. This means there are no chance for bacteria/viruses to acquire pathogen resistance.

Below are some pictures disinfection against COVID19


  • Disable the room’s ventilation system and close all doors and windows.
  • Cover sensitive equipment-TV and computers, food utensil and metals that are made of copper and brass
  •  When the ULV misting operation is being carried out, the residents must stay outside of the premises.
  • The Residents are only allowed to enter the premises 30 minutes after the ULV misting had been carried out.
  •  Remove any light powdered residue which is inert on the disinfected surfaces with a paper towel or wet cloth.
  • Upon re-entering the premises, open all doors and windows and switch on all fans and ventilation exhaust fans.


  • Commercial: Hotels, Shopping Malls, Offices, Cinemas, & Gym Centre
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, Clinics, Warehouses, Medical & facilities
  • F&B: Restaurants & Food Manufacturers
  • Education: Schools, Day Care Centres & Kindergartens
  • Residential: Landed Houses, Condominiums and Apartments

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How to Prevent Rodents from Coming Into Your House

As the Coronavirus infected more people day by day, one person from southwestern Yunnan province passed away after contracting the Hantavirus. In 1993, the virus was first reported in the U.S and is transmitted to humans by rodents such as mice and rats. However, it does not easily pass between humans and only be caught through contact with the bodily fluids and excrements (urine,feces,saliva) of the rodents that sometimes can cause potentially fatal disease in humans. Until now, there is no WHO-approved Hantavirus vaccine available, therefore preventive measures must be taken in order to reduce your risk of contracting this virus.

Rats and mice are rodents that give rise to the most common and serious pest problems in Malaysia. This is due to the poor public sanitation and the abundance of their primary diet which mainly consists of disposed of food found in the trash of homes, restaurants, shopping centers and even hospitals.

Norwegian Rat

There are 2 types of control methods to prevent rodents from coming into your house.

Physical Control 

  • All holes and cracks on the walls and ceilings should be sealed up to prevent the entry of rats.
  • Door gaps and windows should be closed by using door-seals or door-sweeps.
  • All air ventilation systems in the bathroom and kitchen should be covered with mesh screens that make it inaccessible for any rats or mice.

Chemical Control

  • Eliminating rats and rodents can be done by using rodenticide which acts as baits.
  • The baits should be kept in a small holed container to prevent children or pets from accessing them.
  • Outdoor baits must be placed inside a plastic wrap to prevent them fromrain and shine.

This is RIDPEST’s Approach to Prevent Rodents from Coming Into Your House

Physical Barrier

Accessible holes are sealed or covered using wire mesh. Door gaps are sealed with door seals.

Door Gap Sealed with Door Seal 

Accessible Holes Covered with Wire Mesh   


Mechanical Traps

RIDPEST uses several mechanical equipment to control rats and mice such as rat glue board and cage traps

Rat Glue Board
Rat Trapped on Glue Board


Chemical Control

Indoor Control

RIDPEST uses toxicant rat baits that contain anti-coagulants which triggers the blood to clot and blocks the effectiveness of vitamin K, preventing blood clotting.  Usually, the rodents upon consuming the bait will die within 4 – 10 days from internal bleeding.

Rat baits installed Indoor

For indoor areas, 3 blocks of rat baits will be placed. The baits are properly placed (under or behind furniture or inside a cupboard) out of sight from infants or pets.

Outdoor Control

For outdoor control, a rat baiting system is known as Tempered Rat Bait Station (TRBS) will be used. The station is made of PVC that comes with a secure lock. The station comprises of ‘first line defense’, ‘second line defense’ and ‘third line defense’ placed along the perimeter of the premises.

Cylindrical TRBS with Lock

First line defense is a system where the cylindrical TRBS are put along the fencing areas around the premises.

 Square TRBS

Second line defense comes in the form of square TRBS placed against the outer wall edge around the premises.

Third line defense also comes in the form of square TRBS placed around the inner wall edge of the premises.

At least 3 blocks of rat baits will be placed inside the stations. The baits are monitored and will be replaced regularly. The number of baits consumed and the presence of rodent feces; if any, will be recorded. The recorded data will give information on the heaviness of the infestation.