Rumah Charis was founded in 1988 by Reverend Teo How Ken and it is a non-profit Christian based organization. Rumah Charis is home to serve the old and the aged (Home for The Aged) and had expanded to include the children and the youth (Home for The Children). Throughout 25 years, it has offered social services such as spiritual guidance, shelter, education, and healthy community activities.

Rumah Charis Old Folks Home

Rumah Charis had encountered bedbugs’ problem and Ridpest Sdn Bhd had helped to eliminate the above pest as a part of their Social Corporate Responsibility because they believe their responsibilities go beyond just making a profit and include protecting and improving society’s welfare.

A thorough inspection was done on 2nd March 2020, we had found adult bedbug’s infestation and their eggs on the side of a mattress, bedsheets, and plug socket.  We had also found bedbugs’ infestation underneath the drawer.

Since the Rumah Charis had an infestation of bedbugs the old folks had trouble sleeping because the bedbugs’ bites caused itchiness all over their body. An uncle used a toilet brush just to scratch the back of his body to relieve the itchiness. Some of the old folks used aerosol on their clothing and mattress to get rid of the bedbugs.

Below are some pictures of the situation encountered at Rumah Charis

Figure 1: Bedbugs found on the sides of the mattress

Figure 2: Bedbugs found on the bed sheets

Figure 3: Bedbugs found at the plug socket

Figure 4: Bedbugs found underneath the drawer

Figure 5: Dead bedbugs found in the sides of the mattress after treatment has done

Figure 6: Dead bedbugs found in the sides of the mattress after treatment has done

X Way Sdn Bhd team was also on the site to help along in making inspections on the bedbugs. We also used a new formulation named Provecta in this procedure to get rid of the bedbugs’ infestation which leaves no toxic residues on the surface after the treatment. Provecta also has innovative formulation with a physical mode of action designed for immobilization of insecticide resistant populations of insects in hardly accessible places.

As the second inspection was done on 11th March 2020, the infestations on the side of the mattress and underneath the drawer at Rumah Charis were finally cleared while the ones at the plug socket were reduced. The old folks are now happy that they finally will be able to sleep comfortably and not feel itchy anymore. All in all, helping Rumah Charis was indeed rewarding as the quality of life of the old folks improved tremendously with a pest-free environment.

You can click the youtube link below to see the effectiveness of Provecta.