Dengue fever outbreaks : 6 Simple Habits To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Updated: July 3, 2015

The hot tropical climate of Malaysia presents a perfect opportunity for mosquitoes to thrive and spread diseases. Dengue is one of them. According to various sources [1], The number of dengue cases reported this year is close to 50,000, a 74% increase over the corresponding period last year. Worse of all, the death toll is 157, which is double of same corresponding last year [2]. The new strain is also causing inflammation to the brain along with “acute liver failure” and inflammation of the liver. Reeling from a severe dengue outbreak, the Health Ministry is still searching for answers. Unfortunately, wherever you are, in a jungle or high-rising building, there is no guarantee that you will escape mosquito bites. However, there are habits that, if you maintain on a daily basis, will you guard you and your family from mosquito harm.

1. Keeping your home dry

Stagnant water is where mosquitoes lay their eggs to produce more mosquitoes. If you have water containers in your house, it’s highly advised to keep them covered at all times. Also, never leave water in plant pots, coolers or flower vase for too long. It only requires seven to ten days for mosquito eggs to hatch. Once they do, it’s just a matter of days before they re-breed and spread in your house.

It’s recommended to clean the water containers in your house at least once a week. When you do, make sure to scrub the sides of the container to remove mosquito eggs that might be attached to the sides.

2. Avoiding dark coloured clothes

Clothes that are dark in colour are known to attract insects, including mosquitoes. This is due to the property of dark objects which is absorbing heat contrary to lighter objects that reflect heat. Mosquitoes possess highly sensitive heat sensors therefore; they easily get attracted to individual dressed in darker clothes where heat is more prominent.

Whenever you are going outdoor, make sure to dress in lighter clothes. If you have an infant child, dress him or her in full-length white (or light color) garments. Choose lightweight knits and cotton garments that allow the passage of air while covering their body.

3. Cleaning up your house after cooking

Never leave uncovered food anywhere in your home, especially in the kitchen where water is likely to accumulate. Wherever you eat, make sure to clean up immediately after your meal. Food might not attract mosquitoes, but half empty cups and wet plates can be a window of opportunity for any mosquito to lay its eggs.

4. Sealing doors and windows close

To keep mosquitoes out, equip your doors and windows with wire mesh. These are available at hardware stores and home maintenance stores. Nylon insect screens are also effective in preventing mosquito infiltration. These screens can be attached to the windows with Velcro, and can be washed regularly. They are sold at furnishing stores or online.

5. Using an insect repellent

Unlike pesticides that kill insects, repellent are intended to prevent them from coming any closer to you. Most repellent such as DEET contain chemical that irritate and discourage mosquitoes and other host seeking insect from landing on your skin.

Insect repellents are sold at pharmacies and outdoor clothing stores. Depending on your preference or need, you may find a variety of mosquito repellents that suits you. Once you purchase one, apply it on your arm, legs and any uncovered area of your skin every time you go out, particularly during day time.

6. Exploring better prevention methods

Sticking to traditional mosquito prevention alone might not always guarantee you better mosquito protection. I am not saying that these habits are all be in vain. However, it’s to highly advised to be on the lookout for new technologies and prevention methods that can significantly enhance your mosquito control routine.

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