Ridmozzie – Aedes Mosquito Control Treatment and Zika Protection

Save RM610 on Ridpest’s Ridmozzie Aedes Mosquito Control Treatment and Zika Protection in time to celebrate our Malaysia’s 61st birthday!

With the theme Sayangi Malaysiaku, let’s keep our love ones safe from deadly, disease carrying aedes mosquitoes! Statistics show they’re the no. 1 killer in the country, causing 725,000 deaths per year. Look no further than our Ridmozzie Outdoor and Indoor solutions, for a minimum of 28 day protection from these pests, without any toxic substances!

If you get one year’s worth of this treatment, remember you save RM610! Protect your loved ones today! Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Terms and conditions:

  1. Valid from now until 16/09/2018.
  2. Below 2,000 sqft : Indoor & Outdoor – RM4,510
  3. 2001 sqft to 4,000 sqft : Indoor & Outdoor – RM6,510
  4. 4001 sqft to 6,000 sqft : Indoor & Outdoor – RM7,410
  5. 6001 sqft to 8,000 sqft : Indoor & Outdoor – RM9,410

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Keeping the mosquitoes away

Mosquitoes are a long standing problem for Malaysians, transmitting dengue fever or the zika virus. Here’s some ways to keep your family safe from these flying menaces.

Clear out standing water

Ensure that there’s no standing, or stagnant, water around. Anything that can collect water from toys to garbage in open cans to even bottle caps, can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If you have a swimming pool, make sure it is properly chlorinated and the filter working, so that mosquitoes will ignore it.

Make natural repellents

Some plants naturally keep mosquitoes away, but they usually don’t release the chemicals until they are cut or broken. Plants like citronella, rosemary, lavender, catnip and marigolds are some of them, so you can try chopping them up and putting them into small dishes around your home.

Repeatedly apply repellent

A lotion or spray (preferably environmentally friendly) is highly recommended as a way to dissuade mosquitoes. Lemon oil, lavender or eucalyptus are also options to use. Depending on the formula, your repellent effectiveness will wear out after a few hours, so you might have to keep applying it. Remember to apply on children too.

Cover/clean your feet

Mosquitoes are attracted to sweat and bacteria, and toes can be juicy targets.

Change the way you dress

Try to opt for lightweight, light-coloured clothes that also hide your arms and legs. Mosquitoes love darker colours like black or navy.

Avoid eating outdoors

Mosquitoes are typically active at night, though the ones carrying the Zika virus are more active in the day. Being indoors would be the best way to avoid getting bitten.

Spray the day before

If you are having an outdoor event, then spraying insecticide at the area of your event at least 24 hours prior is highly recommended.

Use a mosquito net

If spraying insecticide is not to your taste, setting up a screen or net for your outdoor area is also possible. You would also avoid accidentally spraying insecticide on things like food. Netting would also keep out other insects like bees or flies.

Hire professional pest management

Should you feel the situation is getting out of hand, then just call us at Ridpest! Our trained technicians will inspect the area carefully to ensure no mosquito breeding grounds. Using our Ridmozzie spray, all plants will become lethal to mosquitoes, keeping your family and home safe. You can also opt for Mozztech Mosquito Trap, no spraying required! Just follow the simple instructions with the provided manual.


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How to tell if your Pest Control technician is good?

There are tons of pest control services available in the market and most of them are claiming to provide tip top services. How to identify a good pest control operator? What qualities should they possess? Choosing a good pest control operator is not simple and should be done seriously because the quality of the services can determine the future condition of our house. These are the 4 traits that pest control operators should have:


A legit pest control operator is not an overnight professional. In fact, good pest control operators went through years of vigorous training and on site experience to mold themselves into highly skilled and experienced professionals. One of the best way to check their trustworthiness is to do some research on a particular pest problem and ask them some detailed questions based from the research to know if they can answer correctly, good pest control operators should be able to answer the questions but bogus or unreliable pest control operators will probably have a hard time answering the questions.



Professional associations keep members informed of the latest developments in pest control methods such as research, safety, regulations and safety. In fact, a company regardless of small or big or simply a freelancer chooses to join the association proves their sincerity of concern towards quality. We should know are the pest control operators affiliated with a reliable company that also affiliated with a professional association in order to ensure their professionalism. Pest control operators from a reliable company such as Ridpest concerns and understands the choice of pesticides to be used. These concerns can consist of sensitivities and allergies.


A good guarantee or warranty is basically after sales service. A good pest control operator should be able to at least provide satisfaction to the clients or customers on their job. Always ensure the availability of guarantee or warranty and how to contact them if problems arise. Eventually, a good pest control operator would provide their clients or customers a peace of mind after the payment.



Customer reviews are very important because they are personal reviews from actual consumers that are genuine. Companies or pest control operators that possesses good reviews are transparent about their quality of their services because they are confident on their services that they can provide. Do not rely on the pest control operator to answer their track record. Research the answers yourself via reviews from online, neighbors and friends. Here in Ridpest, we are transparent towards the public regarding on our reviews to ensure our honesty.


Owner of roach – infested restaurant fined RM3,000

Source : Newswav

Magistrate Wong Chai Sia meted out the sentence on Milenium Jutamas Sdn Bhd, which manages the Boston Group Restaurant, after the company represented by its director Chang Chung Fei, 42, pleaded guilty. — Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 — A restaurant was fined RM3,000 by the Magistrate’s Court today for failing to keep the food premises free from cockroaches.

Magistrate Wong Chai Sia meted out the sentence on Milenium Jutamas Sdn Bhd, which manages the Boston Group Restaurant, after the company represented by its director Chang Chung Fei, 42, pleaded guilty.

The company was charged with failing to keep the premises free from the pest at Viva Home, Jalan Loke Yew here at 12.30pm on June 21, last year.

The charge, under Regulation 11(1)(a), read together with Regulation 16(1) of the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009, punishable under Regulation 11(2) of the same regulations, provides for a maximum fine of RM10,000 or up to two years imprisonment upon conviction.

Prosecuting Officer from the Cheras Health Office Humaam Ab Rahim prosecuted while Chang was unrepresented. — Bernama


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Terms & Conditions

  1. Valid from now until 31/10/18.
  2. This offers available to be purchased online at this www.ridpest.com website only.
  3. For houses, shop lots and condominiums below 2,000 square feet at RM2,380.
  4. For houses, shop lots and condominiums 2001 to 3500 square feet at RM2,680.

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Two Restaurants Shut Down by DBKL for Rat Dropping and Dirty Premise

Source: World Of Buzz

                                                                                          Image Source: The Star & Open Rice

After the Raj’s Banana Leaf incident, the Kuala Lumpur City Council (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, DBKL) has been on a mission to hunt down KL eateries that violate the health law.

After a series of restaurant shutdowns, DBKL recently shut down two more eateries – Restaurant TKS and Banh Mi Bread – in Jalan Alor due to their dirty environment, according to The Star.

FYI, rat droppings were even found in one of the eateries. Ewww!

          Image Source: Open Rice

These eateries have violated a law under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983 and were given a closure notice, which was effective yesterday (27 June 2018).

To resume their normal operations, the restauranteurs must first clean up their premises. However, reopening is only permitted after DBKL officers find their level of cleanliness satisfactory during their subsequent checks. 

        Image Source: The Star

FYI, they weren’t the only restaurants that violated the law!

It was further revealed that a total of 21 fines were issued during DBKL’s inspection rounds that were conducted by 40 officers in 36 restaurants along Jalan Alor.

Some of the major offences committed by restaurants along Jalan Alor were:

  • Not properly connecting the grease trap to the sink
  • Not wearing an apron or hat (or a hair net) when handling food

That’s not very hygienic! 

Image Source: Kuaby

DBKL Health and Environment Department deputy director Chandrakant Patel shared that restaurants operating at night were also inspected during their rounds.

He was quoted as saying,

“We have a large-scale night inspection monthly and our officers from different constituencies have frequent checks in their area.”

“They will also act on complaints of dirty eateries by doing ad hoc inspections in their respective areas.”

  Image Source: Kuaby

He also advised the owners of the restaurants to be around during upcoming inspections because DBKL officers often find it hard to communicate with their foreign workers. It’s probably because of the language barrier! 

Hygiene is extremely important in F&B. Restaurant owners should really be extra cautious and put in more effort to keep their eateries clean at all times. After all, no one wants their business to be shut down, right? 



Three PJ restaurants ordered to close

Source : The Star


TWO popular banana leaf restaurants and a Chinese kopitiam in Seksyen 5 Petaling Jaya were ordered to close operations by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) health officers over cleanliness issues.

The three eateries – Restoran Gasing, Raju’s restaurant and Sri Paandi restaurant –  are all located in one same row along Jalan Chantek 5/13.
These closures follow the crackdown on dirty eateries in the Klang Valley with the first being Raj’s Banana Leaf restaurant last week in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

During the raid, officers found rat droppings and cockroaches inside cupboards, on the floor and even in one of the refrigerators.

Another violation was the absence of grease trap resulting in oil and grime flowing directly into drains behind the eateries.

One of the three restaurants was also fined for using the back lane to wash dishes and cooking. Waste water was also dumped into the drain.

“A total of 12 compounds were issued today and the restaurants will remain closed until the restaurant owners address all the violations and after MBPJ is satisfied with the cleanliness of the place,” said MBPJ councillor Sean Oon, who headed the raid.

MBPJ has checked on about 250 eateries in the city and has closed down 59 dirty eateries since January this year.



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It’s that time of year again – Raya is just around the corner. Wishing you and family a warm and blessed Aidilfitri, showered with love, happiness with laughter and joy. The most important is to keep your house and family protected from unwanted pest this Raya!

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  • Expiry date (3 months from the date of purchased).
  • Pest covered : Ants and cockroaches only.
  • Treatment type : residual spraying only. (No follow up)
  • Area covered : indoor and outdoor wall skirting only. (Roof and man hole not covered)
  • Only 2 treatments available by each purchase.
  •  2 treatments must be completed before the 3 months expiry date ends.
  • Appointment shall be made by purchasers within 7 working days in advance.
  • Cancellation by 24 hours in notice, therefore shall be forfeited. (Call to 03-41431777 / email to ridpest@ridpest.com)


Why Rats are dangerous to human?

Rats are the famous and difficult creature that caused a lot of problem to us. Their presence will cause destruction to our property and they also could bring disease to our family. They are everywhere and able to adapt with our environment for their survival.

There are so many type of rats that could infested our house, but the common species are roof rat, Norway rat and house mice.

Disease caused by Rats

Rats can contaminate not only the surfaces of your floor, but also food sources within your homes. Leptospirosis, Salmonella and food poisoning are the common diseases carried by rats. It’s extremely dangerous as the virus can be passed through inhalation of particles released when mouse droppings, urine and saliva are disturbed.


Rats Dropping
  • Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease and we are very familiar with this disease recently. Every year, some peoples were reported of this disease and a few of them were dead. This bacteria are spread through urine of the infected rat and it can survive up to months. This urine will contaminate the water or soil.

We can infested by this bacteria through direct contact with the infested urine or through contaminated water like swimming or drinking of that water.

  • Salmonella

Salmonella is a bacteria from food which can cause illness. The disease, transmitted when mice and other rodents like rats contaminate your food or working surfaces where food is prepared. Common symptoms for people affected with salmonella, include fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea, which can last up to 7 days. Young children and the elderly are at higher risk of salmonella. In latest years, numerous salmonella outbreaks have been linked to rodents, especially feeder rodents (live or frozen rats and mice used to feed pets such as reptiles).

Damage caused by Rats

These pests are commonly responsible for causing damage to personal property and are notorious for commercial crop destruction. In agricultural communities, rat is also responsible for machine and equipment malfunction. These pests are capable of causing massive losses, factory machinery and farming enterprises, as food that has been contaminated by rat is rendered unfit for consumption. Rat nests can be located within homes which became obvious when holes appear in the walls and floorboards. Nesting can also be found in drawers, shoe boxes, storage boxes, under cabinets and other areas that are seldom accessed. Infestations need to be handled swiftly and are most efficiently dealt with through professional pest control methods.


Damaged caused by rats.
Rat burrow next to house wall

Call us 03-4143 177 / 03-4142 4988 or Toll Free at 1800 88 177. We here at Ridpest are happy to assist you with any pest related problems.

Pest Prevention Tips

Does termites, cockroach, mosquito, mouse or any other common pest in Malaysia get in your home? How did they get inside? Do you have the best way to keep pest out?

Keep bugs and critters away from your home. Nothing ruins the moment like finding critters in your home or crawling on your feet. Pest can interfere your peace while you’re trying to have a nice time. For example wooden broken furniture eaten by termites or mosquito bite woke you up in the middle of the night. Homeowners can prevent household pests like ants, termites, cockroach, mosquito, mouse or occasional invaders from populating in or around your home by adding a few simple task below to your household chores.

Inside your house

The common critters you usually find at home in Malaysia are ants, mouse and cockroaches. These pests mainly attracted to one common thing: food.

  1. If you have opened bags or boxes containing food in which you could not completely close, then the food should be put in a sealable bag or container to prevent them from even stepping into your home.
  2. Always remember to clean out uneaten or stale foods. Cleanliness are important because pests like mouse, cockroaches and rice worms love to live and breed in dirty environment.
  3. It is advisable to dispose your garbage regularly inside a tight seal trash bin and vacuum at least once a week. Pests can wiggle through small cracks and gaps, so inspect and repair any broken doors and windows.
  4. At night, close all your windows and doors to block their entry to your home because pest are active at night. Make sure your windows and doors are sealed tight.

Clipboard - February 13, 2018 5-19 PM-1

Outside your house

  1. Keep your eyes out for any sign of termite’s damage, for instance soft wood that sounds hollow or crack when tapped.
  2. Get rid of rotten leaves and other debris from your yards or gutters to prevent standing water, which can provide great breeding ground for pests. Take time to inspect outside of your house.

Clipboard - February 13, 2018 5-19 PM

If you encounter any pest problem such as termites, cockroaches, mouse, mosquitos and others. Don’t hesitate to call us 03-4143 177 / 03-4142 4988 or Toll Free at 1800 88 177. We here at Ridpest are happy to assist you with any pest related problems.