Customer Review: Ridpest’s Fleas Treatment

Fleas are blood sucking ecto-parasites that feed on warm blooded animals including humans. They use their maxillary blades to cut its host’s skin. They suck on the bleeding wounds using a siphon. In advanced, their saliva contains anticoagulants which prevents blood from clotting. Feeding are only attempted by adult fleas. They can survive several months without feeding.

Life cycle

  • Eggs
    After having a blood meal, an adult female flea may lay about two dozens of eggs per day. The oval-shaped eggs will fall from its host and after few days, the eggs hatch into larvae.
  • Larvae
    Larvae are blind and will avoid lights in which they’ll hide in cracks and crevices. The larvae feed on any materials falling in their way including fallen host’s dead skins or adult fleas’ droppings. With adequate food supply, larvae will emerge into third larval stage.
  • Pupae
    The matured larvae will cocoon themselves for 1-2 weeks. After several weeks later, adult fleas emerge from the cocoon and will remain harmless until they trace a host via vibrations, sounds, heat or exhaled carbon dioxide.
  • Adults
    Once they find a suitable host, they will project themselves using their jumping hind leg and they are ready for their first blood meal. Adult fleas are able to live in up to one year in a pleasant habitat.

Sign of infestation


Flea bites on a human

Bites by fleas cause an itchy sensation and reddish swollen spots can be seen on the human host’s skin. Infestation in animals can be seen from the behaviour of the animal scratching and biting the infested areas.



Flea bites on a cat

Scratching on the bitten area will cause hair loss in animals. Severe blood loss can cause anemia in the host. Fleas also can act as a vector for diseases. They can cause bubonic plague in hosts by transmitting Yersinia pestis bacteria. Fleas also can be a carrier for viruses, tapeworms, and protozoans. These endo-parasites multiplied in the infected fleas and blocked the blood intake of the fleas. The blockage causes hunger, making the fleas to bite more vigorously, thus the parasites are accidentally injected to host’s wound. Other infections also cause ingestion of infected fleas by the hosts or the feces of the infected fleas which accidentally settles in the host’s existing wound.

Ridpest Flea Treatment

As fleas has become a serious nuisance to living creatures, Ridpest has provided services using controlled chemical products to eliminate them. Fleas can be trans-located by several potential carriers or host, example; rats, musang, cats or dogs. The control of these carriers can also be easily carried out by Ridpest Flea Treatment.

Case example


ULV fogging done by a ridpest specialist

A Ridpest’s customer by the name of Michelle has complained that she was frequently awaken from her sleep due to itchiness after she was bitten by tiny insects. Both her parents were also bitten and experiencing itchiness.

She tried to spray with aerosol but it only helped temporarily. She also called a pest control company. They visited her house and did couple of treatments but the fleas returned after one month. She was living in this condition for at least 6 months. With this persistent problem, she did a detailed research on fleas and she came up with a simple devise to trap the fleas.

The trap consisted of a plate with water filled with soapy water or sprayed aerosol with a small lighted lamp on top of the plate. She was able to trap as many as 20 to 30 fleas every day.


DIY light trapping for fleas.

Meanwhile, she also engaged a pest control but found the fleas were still present as she was continuously bitten by the fleas. Both her legs and hands were bitten and resulted in eczema where itchiness occurred in other parts of her body. This not only created a nightmare but it stimulated her curiosity as to where the fleas comes from since she doesn’t have any pets in her home.

Her friend, Ann introduced her to Ridpest – a professional pest control company to help her solve her problem. Ridpest Pest Management Advisor did a thorough inspection and confirmed that the problem encountered was clearly caused by fleas as they can be easily seen dead on the water trap.

Ridpest used Ultra Low Volume (ULV) misting to kill the adult fleas in the ceiling and the whole house. This type of treatment also help flushes all the fleas from any hiding places including wall cracks and crevices. Such treatment was done on a weekly basis because of the heavy infestation.


Fleas caught in the trap

There was improvement as Michelle saw the reduced number of fleas in the water trap after the first and second treatment. She had continued to use her water trap method as a measuring process to test the effectiveness of Ridpest’s treatment.

At the same time, Ridpest’s Specialist has observed there were musang droppings in the ceiling. Traps were set up in the ceiling and three musang were caught. Recommendations were also made to seal up all the opening in the ceiling.

To Michelle’s Mom, Ridpest was ‘God-sent.’ Let’s hear her testimony as below:

“I had flea problems for 10 months


Michelle’s feedback on the fleas caught.

before Ridpest came to
treat my home. I started to feel itchy around both ankle and calves due to flea bites. Incessant scratching has led to open wounds that would not heal for more than 8 months due to getting bitten by fleas over and over again. After Ridpest treated my home 3 times over a period of 2 months, the home was free of fleas.


possum trapped

A musang caught in the trap


The ceiling was now clean of musang feces. Energy saving light bulbs were also installed in the ceiling, where the musang’s had freely roamed. Since then, there hasn’t been any sound in the ceiling. Musang were caught in the garden from week to week and we have lost the count of the number of musang caught.”



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