How termites took over your home without you knowing it.

It could require quite an energy to spot a termite-infested homes by looking for the signs through the floors or the walls and the poles on its early stage. Normally, the symptoms includes soft bouncy floors, filled with empty, hollow spaces. Mud-like tubes will be spotted around the house, on the walls and even the ceilings. These mud-like tubes are not only meant to help termites to travel around the house easier, protecting them from the danger of human interference, but it also meant to keep them dehydrated, for these pests thrive to live in a damp, and moist environment.

Thus how does termites invade your home without your knowledge?

How termite got here

Most often, people didn’t know that these creatures came through right after rain by flying. This is why sometimes, you’ll see numerous insects after raining seasons flying around the lights or bright objects that the next morning, there will surely be a lot of wings on the floor.

So do they walk back home without their wings? False.

They took over your home instead.

Termites built new nests in the rain, as they are fragile creatures that needs adequate amount of moisture, protection, and temperature to live. Rainfall are major regulator of soil moisture and temperature and this affects termites activities as well. Other than that, flying termites mate during warm weather, and since water can be damaging to homes, that factor may attracts termites and other pests too.

Factors that invites termites

Winged termites are called alates – scientifically.


They thrive in moist soil and newly dampened ground, as it is an environmental cure for alates to being their mating process. Once they’ve mated, they will shed off their wings and burrow underground to begin their own nests.  Newly dampened ground, or moist soils are not only caused solely by rain but also by leaking pipes or flooding through the house itself.


Spotting signs of termites

Searching for the symptoms of termites invasions are not as difficult as what it might seems as the damage is visibly shown.

a) Wood damage


b) Mud tubes

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c) Sticking doors and windowsill

d) Unexplained sands

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Sand coming out from the cement wall.

e) Spongy floor


f) Cracks on wooden walls, windows or doors


What can you do?

If you have encountered any symptoms of termites as shown previously, you might need to call the pest management professional immediately. This is to minimise the damage done by termites as they are one of the most difficult pest to be getting rid of, including the major damage they can do. Unlike ants or silverfish, termites problem has to be treated from the root of the issues which can be in the insides of your walls and anywhere unreachable.

Extra Info

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