RidMozzie for Mosquito Control

Do you have problems with mosquitoes?

In Malaysia, who has not been bitten by a mosquito? It turns out that everyone including animals, pets and babies got bitten by them.

When bitten, mosquito injects its saliva to our body and it causes itchiness and red sore. Some of us are used to mosquito bites but it can be fatal if we ignore them.

Mosquito kills more human than Snakes!mosquitoes killer

If you are afraid of snakes, be more afraid of mosquitoes!

Surprisingly, they are the World’s biggest killer which kills more human than the rest of the animal kingdom.

It spreads deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya and more!

And the worst part, there is no cure for dengue and no vaccine either. It is up to our own body to defend itself.

So, how can we eliminate them?

Below are some of the well-known methods that can help reduce / eliminate mosquitoes. Let’s review each advantage and disadvantages.

mosquito-sprayInsect Spray


  • Easy to use
  • Low toxicity – class 4
  • Instant knockdown


  • Only temporary for an enclosed area
  • May pose toxic to children



Fogging to eliminate mosquitoes


  • Can cover big area including outdoor
  • Instant knockdown


  • Have to close all window and door
  • Only temporary
  • Leave oil stains on the floor and tables and chairs
  • Rain washes away the chemical
  • Does not kill mosquito eggs and larva



  • Easy to use
  • Kill only the larva stage
  • Can use in stagnant water


  • Rain washes away the chemical
  • Does not kill adult mosquitoes
  • Need to apply regularly when there are new puddle of water after rain

Mosquito Netting


  • Permanent fitting on window and door
  • Long term prevention for mosquitoes from flying in


  • Does not reduce mosquitoes outside of house
  • Hard to keep doors and windows closed all the time
  • Mosquito net may break easily (hole punctures)
  • Expensive to install
  • Accumulate dusts and need to clean regularly
  • Spoil the ambience of the lovely home
  • Prevents air from coming into the house

UV Light Mosquito Traps

mosquito light trap

Light traps for mosquitoes and flies


  • Easy to install
  • Work round the clock


  • Does not reduce mosquitoes and chance of getting bitten
  • Need electricity to operate the mosquito trap
  • The light may be distracting
  • Need to clean the mosquito trap regularly
  • Need to change the UV bulb every 6 months

The above techniques / treatments have its pros and cons and there is no best-way to eliminate mosquitoes until now.

Introducing RidMozzie, a new way to eliminate mosquitoes.

Believe it or not?! Plants can actually kill adult mosquitoes.

RidMozzie uses the PlantZom technology, which is a special environment-friendly formulation that turn plants to mosquito killing-machine.


  • Less harmful chemical usedMoney-Back-Guarantee-300x300
    Uses plant based organic formulation.
  • Long-lasting protections (up to 28 days)
    A single spray treatment on plants can actively reduce mosquitoes and provide protection for a month.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities. No locking your family inside your home.
  • Works even in rainy seasons
  • Non-invasive / no extra space needed
  • It’s proven (significant reduction in mosquitoes of 70% to 85%)
  • Save costs and time
  • Dengue Free Guarantee.*

How it Works

RidMozzie uses its formulation to bind plants with pesticide. Once its sprayed on plants, it will spread and cover the plant surfaces (leafs and branches) and make it lethal for mosquitoes once they come in contact with it.

The formulation is water and weather resistant and it lasts up to 28 days. This means that the pesticide’s active ingredients is not washed away by rain therefore retains its strength over longer periods with less pesticide used.

RidMozzie Plant SprayRidMozzie on Potted Plants

Ridmozzie Indoor Repellant


  • Repels Aedes that carries Dengue and Zika virus
  • Disinfect your home from air-borne bacteria.

It is NON TOXIC and made with oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, a plant extract known for its remarkable ability to repel mosquitoes. It has healing properties against arthritis, bronchitis, colds, coughing, fever, flu and sinusitis.

In EPA studies using laboratory animals, it showed no adverse effects except for eye irritation, while diluted end use products like Naturiquid is very mild.

While the inert oil is made with Dipropylene Glycol, which was approved by FDA, US since 1959 for use in hospitals as air disinfectants.

*Dengue Free 100% Moneyback Guarantee:

We are so confident that our Ridmozzies indoor and outdoor treatment is effective to control dengue mosquitoes and if it fail, we will refund you 100% of what you pay us. We want you have the peace of mind that you can enjoy an dengue free environment with this risk-free 100% Moneyback Guarantee.

We will cover the whole family staying in the house inclusive of the maids. No condition where you’re bitten, so long the doctor can confirm a written medical report that it is confirm dengue on any member of the family staying in the house. However, this does not include any visitors staying or visiting the house.

See What Our Satisfied Clients Says…

I live in a terrace house with a small garden, I make an effort to make sure I don’t breed any mosquitos but somehow my daughter was bitten when she was home for the summer holidays. She tested positive for dengue and we were very worried that other members of the family may be infected as well.

Stephen Liu of Ridpest was so kind to personally visit us and mobilized his men to fog the whole area in my garden as well as the surrounding areas with Pantzom. After which we felt there was a significant reduction in the number of mosquitoes in our house in the evening. Thanks to Plantzom we are able to live in our house with peace of mind that we can be safer from the deadly dengue virus.

Thankful and grateful to Stephen for his quick action and personal commitment during the period that my daughter had dengue.

Ho Lai Kuan
Managing Director
Quel International Sdn Bhd


Would like to thank you for introducing RidMozzies to my family!

As I have 2 young children, I was concerned with the outbreak of denggi and wanted to engage Ridpest to fog my house compound. I am so glad I decided to try Ridmozzies instead as an alternative to fogging.

RidMozzies involves the application of a chemical compound to plants and shrubs. I found it very convenient as unlike fogging, with Ridmozzies, I did not have to make sure all doors and windows were shut tight first. I also did not have to worry about the children inhaling the smog from fogging, as Ridmozzies was sprayed directly onto the plants and shrubs and did not remain in the air. In fact, it was so effective that after 3 hours, I was able to water my plants without reducing the effectiveness of Ridmozzies.

I was also undertaking some construction on my premises, and before Ridmozzies, the mosquitoes were quite rampant. But after Ridmozzies, there was a significant reduction in mosquitoes, in fact, I dare say I did not notice them anymore! It’s been almost a month and my premises are still mosquito free.

I would definitely recommend RidMozzies!

In fact, I have already recommended Ridmozzies to my younger son’s pre-school as I believe it will give the children better protection from denggi!

Best Regards,
Collin & Debbie Swee

After the treatments, I can see a big reduction in the number of mosquitos in and outside of my house. Even my maid says it’s a lot better. Not too long ago, we had to burn mosquito coils every day. When my next door neighbor told me about RidMozzie, I was quite keen to solve this problem. Good thing I tried. Thanks for a great product and best wishes!

Mr. Chew
Taman Melody, Johor Bahru


  1. Does it cause any problems if kids or anyone touches the treated plants?
    No because the actual chemical is 0.4 ml mixed into a 5 litres sprayer. The RidMozzie formulation do not have any pesticides.
  2. Is it ok with vegetables and herbs? Can I still eat it after spraying with RidMozzie?
    Yes, you can spray on herb, fruit tree and vegetable cos the chemical dosage is minimum. However, we will avoid spraying on herbs, fruit tree and vegetable since it is edible.
  3. Can we use this for walls instead of plants?
    No, RidMozzie is designed to be applied on plants only. However, it can work on potted plants as well.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we will do our best to answer.

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