My New Found TWIN

This is my 1st Discover China Series. I have heard so much about the past DCS – the uniqueness of the programme and the many ‘wow’s’ therein. I went with very high expectations and anticipation to learn, see and engage with Greater China.

I must say that I was not disappointed.

There are 2 outstanding speakers that I enjoyed very much.

The 1st speaker is Jason Li, co-founder of Dianping. is a leading online urban guide in China that helps people find cool places to eat, shop, exercise, rest and play. Based in Shanghai, it has 5000 employees. is not only a pioneer in establishing independent 3rd party review sites, but it is also a leading Web 2.0 site in China.

It connects 14 million merchants to over 2 million users. Despite his huge success, Jason says, “We never rest – we jump on every opportunity. Otherwise we will fade away.”

The other inspiring speaker is Amit Sheth, from Mumbai, India. He shared how we can find and live our passion. He decided to run his 1st marathon 4 months before the date of race. Being a couch potato who never ran even for leisure, he was in real bad shape. Amit found a coach on the internet, and began to train earnestly. After just a few days of training, he had to visit the hospital for aches and pain! 2 weeks before the marathon, he had to be admitted to hospital. Nevertheless, he still ran, coming in last at 6 hours 29 minutes. More people cheered for him that they did for the actual winner.

Amit went on to win the 89kms Comrades Ultra Marathon, the ultimate human race in his second attempt. He inspired me with his perseverance and strong belief by overcoming any obstacles that comes his way. His sharing greatly reaffirms the saying, “When there is a will, there is a way.” I was truly moved.

Another highlight was the banquet at the Inter-Continental Hotel. The venue is often used to host state banquets for foreign dignitaries. The ambience, lighting and the food was just marvellous. I had the privilege of sitting next to Gary Bushkin, Mentorship Director of US West, EO Arizona. Gary, in his 18 years as EO member, has never experienced such grandeur and pomp setting – he was blown away by the ‘wow’ put up by EO China East. Incredibly, I found out that Gary was born on the same date, month and year as me. I found my “twin” in China!

I re-discovered the importance of having a passion and doing all it takes to realize my dream in the Discover China Series. Thank you, EO China East for arranging such an awesome event.

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