My Trip To India – Part I

Before 2014 meets its end, I would like to share with you a memorable trip that I took to India on 15-18th Sept.  The purpose of the trip was to attend a training program about strategic planning and management organised at Bangalore city. I was enlightened by fascinating concepts from the program (such as Rockefeller habits and the Huddle design) and I’ve also learned a lot from my visit to SECON, one of India’s leading engineering consulting firms.

At SECON, I had the opportunity to exchange knowledge with the firm’s experts and explore the testing labs used to breed and study insects such mosquitoes and larvas. The trip was overall fantastic. Luckily, I took as many photos as I could to capture the experience and share it with you.Airport

I woke up early morning filled with excitement and left to KLIA, arriving there 5:30am. It didn’t took long before the flight took off. I spent the four hours between reading newspapers and listening to music, before finally landing in Bangalore Airport around 10:00am.



I received a warm welcome from the my driver who was waiting for me at the airport’s terminal.



After meeting and chatting with the driver, he drove me to the office, a journey that lasted an hour. On the way, I’ve enjoyed the view of they city around me. I liked the rickshaws wondering in streets.




The rickshaws look kinda funny, though they seemed like efficient means of moving around in a crowded city. Motorcycles also were everywhere!

Finally, I’ve arrived at the office where I’ve received another warm welcome. Later, I had lunch, Nasi Biryani and lots of curry dishes.

After finishing the lunch, I started the class were I met the team for the training program. I was introduced to Rockefeller Habits, a concept based on the leadership and management practices used by John D. Rockefeller. It wasn’t long before we’ve finished the class and went home where I had dinner consisting of Butter Naan and Garlic Naan. It was awesome! Too bad, I forgot to take photos of it.

9The next day, I continued attending the class. The instructor was explaining about the Huddle concept. A concept that recommends the practice of holding “huddles”, or short daily meetings, to enable small businesses to maintain focus on strategic goals and establish accountability. The points explained were: Huddle design, design of daily critical numbers and Huddle charts.



I went for a lunch during the 1pm break. This time I had chicken sandwich with feta cheese and vegetables mixed with spices.

After lunch we started discussions on Ridpest targets for Oct – Dec quarter. The discussion’s main points were setting the strategies for 4th quarter, finalising Ridpest priorities as well as deciding on quarter priorities for leadership team.



Once the discussion was over, I wrapped up and went home. In the evening, I had dinner with Nikhil, the host’s son at a nearby café.






The dinner, which I’ve enjoyed a lot, consisted of bacon cheese potato and French fries layered with melted spicy cheese.




After dinner, we went around town looking for a place where we can have nice dessert, before stumbling upon the Corner House Ice cream shop.




After having a splendid ice creams, we went home, have some conversation then off to bed to get ready for the next day.

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