My Trip To India – Part II

Continuing to the second part of my Trip To India post.


The next day, I woke up early at 7:30am, took shower and prepared for breakfast. The breakfast was home made. It consisted of Tosai and coconut Dhal sauce (which was a little bit spicy yet sweet).

After breakfast, I went to the office to attend the morning session for the program. We’ve decided to break down Oct – Dec quarter priorities (discussed during the last day) to weekly milestones.

18Once the session was over, I bought lunch from Pizza Hut, since everyone was busy in the office. I ate the pizza while watching Monster University on my iPad. I loved the movie!.

The session continued after lunch with the instructor explaining financial monitoring techniques involving account budgets, variance and trend lines. During the session, we’ve discussed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques applied at our Company. At the end of the day, I thanked everyone for the great lessons shared, wrapped up and went home were I took a bath and prepared to meet Nikhil for dinner.


Nikhil’s driver took us to a Mexican restaurant upon Nikhil’s request. I like the Idea as I haven’t tried a Mexican food before. At the restaurant we’ve enjoyed Tacos which was crispy and tasty.


After dinner, we walked around and chatted for a while before Nikhil decided to bring me to try a yoghurt ice cream at Pinkberry shop, his younger sister’s favourite place.

I had a great night but unfortunately, the host and his family had to go back to their hometown at  6:30am on  the next day, to attend the funeral of the host’s father in law .


The following morning, I had breakfast which was a home made Dhal with Keropok-like capati (not sure what is it called). It was delicious anyway!


Later, the host’s driver drove me to SECON factory where I met up with the host’s brother in law who owns the factory. There, I had the chance to 29visit the testing labs at SECON. However, before entering the labs, we had to wear protective clothings for safety.

Among the labs that I’ve visited was the mosquito breeding room. The purpose of the room is to study the life cycle of mosquitoes and understand their mating behaviours. I also had time to visit other labs including larva and cockroach breading room.




The trip to SECON factory was very useful and productive for me. I’ve learned quite a lot from the discussions held there and from the lab visits.

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