My Trip To India – Part III

Continuing to the third part of my Trip To India post.37c

After finishing the lab tour, I went for a lunch accompanied by the host, his borther in law and the manager at SECON. Our choice today was Windmills Craftworks, a restaurant with a library like interior.



The lunch was great, so was the discussion and chatting. After satisfying my tummy, I head back to the office by a taxi. The host’s driver was waiting by the office to take me and one of my colleagues on a trip around the city.



During the trip, I did some shopping before having a short meal at Coffee Bean with my colleague.

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Though I wasn’t hungry, I managed to finish the meal before the driver took us back to the host’s house where I packed up for the next day’s flight. The house was cosy and kinda felt like home.



After having a good sleep, I woke up the next morning and took off to the airport were I checked-in for my flight.45



I checking-in before going to the VIP lounge for refreshment. There, I saw these cute breads in animal shapes.46b

I boarded the flight which took off an hour later. Inside the plane, the food menu was provided. I picked Satay from it which turned out quite tasty.

After four hours flight, I arrived safely at KL. I’ve enjoyed the entire trip and hope to visit Bangalore, along with my family, in the near future.


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