Pest Prevention Tips

Does termites, cockroach, mosquito, mouse or any other common pest in Malaysia get in your home? How did they get inside? Do you have the best way to keep pest out?

Keep bugs and critters away from your home. Nothing ruins the moment like finding critters in your home or crawling on your feet. Pest can interfere your peace while you’re trying to have a nice time. For example wooden broken furniture eaten by termites or mosquito bite woke you up in the middle of the night. Homeowners can prevent household pests like ants, termites, cockroach, mosquito, mouse or occasional invaders from populating in or around your home by adding a few simple task below to your household chores.

Inside your house

The common critters you usually find at home in Malaysia are ants, mouse and cockroaches. These pests mainly attracted to one common thing: food.

  1. If you have opened bags or boxes containing food in which you could not completely close, then the food should be put in a sealable bag or container to prevent them from even stepping into your home.
  2. Always remember to clean out uneaten or stale foods. Cleanliness are important because pests like mouse, cockroaches and rice worms love to live and breed in dirty environment.
  3. It is advisable to dispose your garbage regularly inside a tight seal trash bin and vacuum at least once a week. Pests can wiggle through small cracks and gaps, so inspect and repair any broken doors and windows.
  4. At night, close all your windows and doors to block their entry to your home because pest are active at night. Make sure your windows and doors are sealed tight.

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Outside your house

  1. Keep your eyes out for any sign of termite’s damage, for instance soft wood that sounds hollow or crack when tapped.
  2. Get rid of rotten leaves and other debris from your yards or gutters to prevent standing water, which can provide great breeding ground for pests. Take time to inspect outside of your house.

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If you encounter any pest problem such as termites, cockroaches, mouse, mosquitos and others. Don’t hesitate to call us 03-4143 177 / 03-4142 4988 or Toll Free at 1800 88 177. We here at Ridpest are happy to assist you with any pest related problems.

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