Quick Tips for a Dengue-Free Home


Dengue fever is no shocking news but once in a while it hits the national TV and shockingly killed thousands of people. Even every now and then we may come across a reminder to prevent dengue and be extra cautious but usually we only take action when the damage is done. So we heard the terms of prevention is better than cure however are we aware that the main idea is to take precaution before it actually happen? These are some easy steps you can remember to have a dengue-free home before it’s too late!

  • Keeping it dry—literally!

Watch over your kitchen territory and avoid stacking up your sink for too long. Look after the bathroom area especially the sink and the floor to prevent any water accumulation. Let’s not forget if you own a garden, pots and vases are few objects that stock up water so toss them out at least once a week. Clear out gutter and check the drain nearby to prevent any blockage. If you are storing water for future use, make sure you kept it closed with tight lids. Waters are essential for mosquitoes to breed and grow so a dry area is a safe area!

  • Clean it up!

Put up a reminder and spare some time for weekly or monthly cleaning session around the house. You may never know if there are any parts of the house clogged up or any trash stacking up somewhere. Clear out the trash can or place it far from home and make sure it is covered. Constant cleaning routine should keep the mosquitoes away so get everyone at home involved and do it together!

  • To repel or not to repel?

Keep your door and windows shut at night or use netting for convenience. Be it natural or chemical repellent; always use them before going to sleep. Other recommendations include growing plant that naturally repels mosquitoes or put on a repellent lotion. It requires extra effort but hey, if it works, it helps. An early prevention is always a good idea and early consultant with pest-control experts definitely won’t bite.

These quick tips are not as simple as it sounds but it is definitely easier once it is done! For what is worth, always look out to find more tips to get rid of mosquitoes at home and it sure will keep your head off the dengue issue now that your living place is a dengue-free zone.

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