Red Shield Industries Testimonial about PlantZom

1 February, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

About a year ago , we were blessed to move to our present premises at 356/358 Tanglin Road with a very large expanse of land, three times larger than our former site at Upper Serangoon Road.

As the premises had been neglected for quite some time and there were mosquitoes everywhere. Suspecting that this is a large population of the Aedes mosquito, we were very concerned because we were about to take over the new location right in the midst of the worse dengue outbreak in Singapore!

In a chance encounter, ( which I believe is the Lord’s divine arrangement, may I add ) I met Mr Bill Sai of Applied Eco Solutions at a seminar. He spoke about a product called Plantzom and how it would probably solve my issues. We made an appointment to meet and to survey the premises and like what they say “the rest was history!”

Today, we can barely see any mosquitoes in our premises. It is certainly a far cry from where we began. It is evident that the treatment done were fast and effective. Thanks to the very unique misting method using the surrounding plant, the mosquito problem has been resolved. In addition it produces no irritating smell but a lasting effect even in rainy weather!

I would like to thank Bill and his team for their help and effort in making our new Tanglin premises a joy to be at.

We wish him and his team success in their future endeavors!


Best Regards,

Tian Toh Kian, James
General Manager
The Salvation Army
Red Shield Industries

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