Ridpest’s social responsibility to beautiful gate kepong centre

Beautiful Gate Kepong Centre was established in 1996. It is a home where they provide services to disabled people who suffer from spinal injuries. Such services include providing physiotherapy treatment and rehab training to the disabled, enabling them to regain self-confidence and image to building back their life again. This Centre has been very successful helping the disabled to move around in motorcycles, doing their own marketing, cooking and enjoy other necessities in life.


Figure 1
Hostel of Beautiful Gate

The above figure is a picture of the Beautiful Gate Hostel where it houses 20 boys and 18 girls. Late December last year, this Centre encountered bed bug problem. Ridpest seized this opportunity to help eliminate this pest as part of their social corporate responsibility because they believe their responsibilities goes beyond just making profit to include protecting and improving society’s welfare.

Bedbug (Cimex sp.) is a tiny creature yet can be a great nuisance to mankind. They strive on human blood. They are reddish brown in color and emit a distinctive ‘bug’ odor.  You may be surprised that the female bedbug may lay up to 350 to 500 eggs in their lifetime and the adult bedbugs are known to live to 3 to 6 months.

After mating, female bedbug lay white eggs into cracks and crevices and later the eggs will hatch into nymph. The nymphs will undergo five nymphal stages before becoming an adult. Each stage require blood meal before molting into the next life cycle stages. The five nymphal stages are completed in 5 weeks.


Figure 2
Life Cycle of Bedbug
Sources: http://www.cdc.gov/parasites/bedbugs/biology.html

Bedbug also can withstand starvation up to 1 year. It is dispersed by crawling from one room to another and they travel short distance spreading through clothes, second-hand beddings and furniture.

The shape of the bedbug is ovate in outline, flattened and measuring about 5mm in length and 3 mm in width giving them easy excess to hide and stay in crack and crevices.


Figure 3
Live Bedbug found in cracks and crevices of a table


Figure 4
Live Bedbug found on the side of a mattress


Figure 5
Bites by Bedbugs

As mentioned above that bedbug love to hide in cracks and crevices, Ridpest chooses to provide Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) treatment to kill the bedbugs besides the normal spraying. The Ultra-Low volume treatment is a light fumigation for internal areas and it emits tiny droplets of pesticide into the open areas to eliminate the pest.


                 Figure 6                                                        Figure 7
Ultra-Low Volume treatment done    Thorough check for bedbugs on mattress


Figure 8
Bedbugs favorite hiding places

As of to date, we have received report from the Centre that they are now free from bedbugs. However, Ridpest will continue to monitor and provide further treatment when needed.

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