Staff Mutual Kindness On Flood Affected Colleagues

A few weeks back, Malaysia has experienced severe floods that has became the worst recorded in the country’s history. Several regions in the East-coast of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah were affected with Kelantan being the most, followed by Terengganu and Pahang. The floods have inflicted colossal damages on properties, crops and livestock.

The disaster has also put many victims in a state of devastation aggregated by the cold, hunger and lack of shelter. The floods took several weeks to recede. Thousands of homes were either completely destroyed or covered with thick mud, and dead animals were scattered everywhere.

During the floods, the families of two of our staffs, En Mohd Faizal and En Mohd Zaidi, were in bitter conditions. Both of the employees originated from Kelantan – Faizal from Manik Urai, and Zaidi from Pasir Mas.


Contributions from RIDPEST Staffs

Mr. Stephen Liu, The CEO of RIDPEST, has called upon all of the staffs in the company to join hands in providing relief to the 2 victims. The supportive staffs were quick in their response that immediately commenced the after the flood.

Most of the staffs were seen pouring in their gifts that came in forms of foods including biscuits, dried noodles, packet of rice and carton drinks, and clothes for the young and old. After the supplies were collected within a week, Mr. Stephen Liu has decided on the 5th of January to distribute them to the families of the two victims along with RM1,000 cash given to each.


En Faizal’s house after the floods in Manik Urai, Kelantan.

When asked about the event, En Faizal has told us that the roof of his house had collapsed and all furniture and fittings together with the clothes were destroyed by the flood. He added that he was very happy and thankful for the kindness and contribution of his colleagues.


Zaidi's house

En Zaidi’s house during the floods in Pasir Mas, Kelantan

En Zaidi, on the other hand, mentioned that the flood had caused similar damages to his house. All the kitchen utensils, furniture and clothes were damaged and covered with mud. Nevertheless, he was grateful for the cash and other donation provided by the caring family of RIDPEST. He also took the opportunity to thank all the donors on behalf of his family.

The money, he said, will be a great relief for his family in buying and replacing the household belongings damaged by the flood.


En Zaidi receiving the cash donation from Mr. Stephen


Mr. Stephen handling RM1,000 cash to En Faizal along with other donations.

More photos of the devastating floods:


En Zaidi’s house – Mud covering utensils


En Zaidi’s house – Damaged clothes


En Zaidi’s house – After the flood.


En Faizal’s house – Thick mud covering the back yard



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