Dengue fever outbreaks : 6 Simple Habits To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Updated: July 3, 2015

The hot tropical climate of Malaysia presents a perfect opportunity for mosquitoes to thrive and spread diseases. Dengue is one of them. According to various sources [1], The number of dengue cases reported this year is close to 50,000, a 74% increase over the corresponding period last year. Worse of all, the death toll is 157, which is double of same corresponding last year [2]. The new strain is also causing inflammation to the brain along with “acute liver failure” and inflammation of the liver. Reeling from a severe dengue outbreak, the Health Ministry is still searching for answers. Unfortunately, wherever you are, in a jungle or high-rising building, there is no guarantee that you will escape mosquito bites. However, there are habits that, if you maintain on a daily basis, will you guard you and your family from mosquito harm.
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Red Shield Industries Testimonial about PlantZom

1 February, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

About a year ago , we were blessed to move to our present premises at 356/358 Tanglin Road with a very large expanse of land, three times larger than our former site at Upper Serangoon Road.

As the premises had been neglected for quite some time and there were mosquitoes everywhere. Suspecting that this is a large population of the Aedes mosquito, we were very concerned because we were about to take over the new location right in the midst of the worse dengue outbreak in Singapore!

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