Dengue fever outbreaks : 6 Simple Habits To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Updated: July 3, 2015

The hot tropical climate of Malaysia presents a perfect opportunity for mosquitoes to thrive and spread diseases. Dengue is one of them. According to various sources [1], The number of dengue cases reported this year is close to 50,000, a 74% increase over the corresponding period last year. Worse of all, the death toll is 157, which is double of same corresponding last year [2]. The new strain is also causing inflammation to the brain along with “acute liver failure” and inflammation of the liver. Reeling from a severe dengue outbreak, the Health Ministry is still searching for answers. Unfortunately, wherever you are, in a jungle or high-rising building, there is no guarantee that you will escape mosquito bites. However, there are habits that, if you maintain on a daily basis, will you guard you and your family from mosquito harm.
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Tips on Finding a Pest Management Professional (PMP) Company

Fancy_rat_blazeSally was having a pot luck dinner with invited friends at her brand new home. In the middle of the fun and laughter, guess what? A fat black rat ran along the side wall of the room. Imagine the screams and the shrieking by all the ladies! What happen next is history …

Before the night is over, Sally searched through the web to find a reliable pest control company. So many choices …. which one to choose ?

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