Zika Invades Indonesia!

There’s a new warning tonight for tourists heading to Bali, with the dreadful Zika virus has invaded Indonesia from its birthplace, Brazil by spreading its threats among the population. It is extremely disturbing that officials have warned that there are people who are currently infected in that tourist island. Department of Foreign Affairs also updated its travel alert urging caution.

Zika virus is a threat that cannot be treated light because victims do suffer from serious outcomes such as birth defects. So, the Department of Foreign Affairs issued warnings to pregnant woman not to take risk by visiting Bali

Lastly, a new travel advisory also warned that Indonesia is experiencing sporadic transmission of the mosquito-borne virus. Thus, pregnant women should discuss any travel plans with their travel doctor and consider postponing travel to Indonesia.

Video courtesy- 9 News

Infants and Zika: Uncertain future, Prevention is the answer!

From CNN

The urban coastal city of Recife is the “ground zero” of the terrifying Zika Virus which is mosquito-borne; months on, many babies suffered from dreadful symptoms and burdens due to the Zika virus.

Development problems

Many test have to be done due to the world’s latest pandemic. There are various development problems and the discoveries of the problems are painful especially to parents that heartbreaking.

Development problems can consist of

  • Hearing problems
  • Speaking problem
  • Vision problem
  • Deformities

Affected victims will need regular physical therapy sessions and requires vast amount of medical expenses.

Painful prejudice

Disabilities is not the only thing victims and their families need to deal with. Thus, painful prejudice do happen because they fear that society will shun them, just because they look different. It is also important that the society should not show prejudice and also fight against it.

Hope for the future

It is understandable when parents have to struggle when their baby was born differently due to the Zika virus. There is also no guarantee that therapy will contribute significant improvement in the victim’s development.

Therefore, it is very hard to say how long the victims can live and prosper. But there is always hope for the better future as long there is a strong will to move on.

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Birth of a New Infection

From The Star Online

PETALING JAYA: The Aedes mosquitoes have brought about the dreaded dengue fever and now the Zika virus that is also being transmitted through Aedes is feared to cause babies born with deformed brains.

Concern over the Zika virus spread in the Americas has led the World Health Organisation (WHO) to send out an alert for the infection.

The Health Ministry revealed that none of the samples tested had shown any Zika virus infection.

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