The DO NOT’s and DO’s for termite activity

1. DO NOT  spray directly on any  termite trail or infestation with aerosol as this will cause the termite to change their path and continue attacking your property




2. DO eliminate any moisture in and around your property which termites love to thrive in such condition.


3. DO repair any pipe or roof leakage. The constant supply of water will keep the area moist which creates a perfect environment for termites.




4. DO monitor the noticeable change of door frames, skirting boards, and other wood areas including your windows.




5. DO remove any mulch in or around

your property as termites are good decomposed. 




6. DO routine inspection for termite trail around your property 








Termites Infestations are not something you can treat it all by yourself (DIY).

If you suspect there’s termite activity, seek professional advice from RIDPEST. Leave your worries all us. We will sort them out accordingly for you. RIDPEST takes great pleasure in cushioning your burdens and woe.

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