The wrath of Zika Virus: Invasion of Florida

Zika virus has started its dreadful charge and it has arrived in Florida, a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It has strike fear on the local population and tourists.

The current risk level is being updated to “moderate” by Public health England due to 4 people in the state have contracted Zika virus although the victims did not been to Zika hotspot or having unprotected sex with any infected partners. Tourist in Florida were also advised to refrain from unprotected sex while having their vacation.

Pregnant women were recommended to delay all unnecessary flights to Florida, following the epidemic of the virus. Thus, people returning from Zika- affected areas should aware or symptoms such as rashes, itching, joint pain and headaches because those are some of the symptoms of the virus. In fact, 80% percent of people who are infected never suffered any symptoms but infection in pregnant woman can cause miscarriage and microcephaly also known as abnormal smallness of head in infants.

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