Tips on Finding a Pest Management Professional (PMP) Company

Fancy_rat_blazeSally was having a pot luck dinner with invited friends at her brand new home. In the middle of the fun and laughter, guess what? A fat black rat ran along the side wall of the room. Imagine the screams and the shrieking by all the ladies! What happen next is history …

Before the night is over, Sally searched through the web to find a reliable pest control company. So many choices …. which one to choose ?

You may also be like Sally. But be of good cheer – RIDPEST can provide the tips you need to give you a peace of mind:

  1. PCAM-LogoLook for qualified and licensed PMP companies that are members of the Pest Control Association of Malaysia (PCAM). This will ensure that the company will uphold the code of
    ethics and standard set forth by PCAM.
  2. Ask friends and neighbours to recommend PMP companies they have used successfully and how satisfied they were with the service. A simply way is to post in your Facebook page and ask your friends on their recommendation of a professional pest management company that they are happy with.
  3. Ask to see proper licensing and credentials from the PMP company that comes to solve your pest problem. In Malaysia, a PMP company have Pest control Operator licence and Sales and Storage licence issued by the Pesticide Board, Ministry of Agriculture. All the Applicators must possess valid Pesticides Board Applicator Licence. For the list of PMP approved by the Pesticide check it out here.
  4. Always make sure the PMP have the right insurance before starting the work e.g. Public Liability Insurance and Socso for the staff.
  5. Here’s some questions you may ask the PMP before you select them:-
    1. Experience:
      • How many years has the company been in business?
      • Do newly hired applicators train with more experienced employees and undergo in-house training?
      • How much experience does the company have with treating pest problems like yours?
    2. Value:
      • Can the company offer an estimate for services in writing? Many offer free estimates.
      • Does the company require you to sign up for a long-term contract? If so, what are the long-term costs?
      • Is the company able to provide a guarantee for moneyback or termite damages for their work? What are the terms?
    3. Customer Service:
      • Do the Pest Management Advisor listen to your concerns and address them with care and respect?
      • Can the employees identify the pest, explain the extent of the infestation, and provide details about the pest and its behavior?
      • Are they willing to discuss product selection and other details of the treatment?
    4. Safety:
      • Find out if the PMP company has Public Liability insurance that protect the insured against any third party liability for bodily injuries or property damages that may arise out of the Insured and/ or the Insured’s workers’ negligence at the Insured premises and/or at the third party premises
      • Are they willing to discuss low-toxicity options and reducing environmental risks?Beside spraying, other lower impact chemical should be used such as Baiting technology or eco-friendly bio pesticides.
      • Are they responsible about wearing protective equipment when necessary?
      • What measures will they take to prevent unnecessary exposures and accidents?
  6. Buy value, not price. You have to study the total package offered by the PMP. Do not make a purchasing decision based solely on the lowest cost.
  7. Always ask if they have online Testimonials or Positive Review they could direct you to. E.g. Google reviews or Facebook reviews.
  8. Before signing a contract, be sure to fully understand the pest species, the extent of the infestation and the work necessary to solve the problem.
  9. Don’t rush a decision. Since you are paying for professional pest control advice, as well as skillful treatment, look for someone whose judgment you can trust.

Once you select a right Pest Management Professional Company, you’re on the right track to enjoy a pest free environment and thus creating a better living for your family or staffs and guests.


  1. My husband and I have found out that there are a lot of mosquitos in our backyard and we’re wondering how to find a great pest control agency to take care of them for us. So I appreciate you letting us know that we should be sure to check our any testimonials or reviews they have to see what past clients have said about them. I’ll be sure to look online to make sure that I find a mosquito control company that has mostly good things said about them.


    1. Dear Ashley
      Thanks for your kind enquiry. Yes, we can quote you once you furnish the following details:-
      1. Address-
      2. Email address-
      3. Contact number-
      I will get my Pest Management Manager to contact you.
      Best Regards.
      Stephen Liu
      Ridpest Sdn Bhd


  2. I found it immensely beneficial that you mentioned in your article how many professional pest control companies offer free estimates for what their services will cost in proportion to the issues of your home. In recent times, I’ve noticed that termites are making themselves quite comfortable in my home. I’ll be sure to get into contact with a professional in order to see how they could be of assistance.


    1. Dear Lloyd, Thanks for your enquiry. Where are you based? Let me see how I can refer you a professional pest management company.
      Best regards,


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