Tips to prevent bed bugs from hitch hiking their way to your home

Bed_bug,_Cimex_lectulariusBed bugs are parasite insects that live near or inside beds and bedding or other sleeping areas. Unlike active insects like mosquitoes, bed bugs are dormant creatures which means that they will only show up from their hiding place when it’s dark or when they feel safe. Despite being dormant, it cause problems to humans for the irritation on the skin that follows after its bite that can lasts up to two weeks or more. It’s best for everyone to prevent bed bugs before they infest your home severely by.


When travelling, some hotels, motels or even home-stays might have bed bugs problem. Know that bed bugs are hitch hikers, crawling with their 6 legs (they do not have wings to fly nor long legs to jump) and embed themselves on your bag or luggage or on your sleeves when you’re travelling. Note that they’re so good at hiding themselves, away from human sights that you might have to be extra sensitive when it come to bed bugs inspection.

live-bed-bugsBest advice? Check your hotel room before you crash on the bed. Examine the bed, closet door, sofas, and even the curtains. Typically, bed bugs tend to stay at the corner or on the ends and seams of the fabrics and furniture. You should be looking for a live bed bugs, eggs, black stains(almost moldy), and shed skin as that could mean that bed bugs are around.

Coming home after holidays

You’ve taken the necessary steps to prevent bed bugs from tagging along with you. Next step is to take further precaution to avoid the unwanted ‘souvenir’ from spreading in your home. Transfer your clothes first in a black bin liners and never place the clothes you use for travelling scattered around the house upon arrival because that’s how bed bugs spread. Wash your travel clothes in hot water preferably at 60oC because adult bed bugs and their eggs can be killed completely in this temperature. It is advisable to put your luggage under the sun immediately even if you have taken careful steps in preventing bed bugs from sticking on your travel bags. Keep in mind that bed bugs HATE the blaring sun or any open space thus that should get rid of them. Overall, if you have encountered bed bugs in your homes, you can get help at Ridpest.

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