Protect yourself from Zika & Dengue for FREE*

If you are looking for effective and NON TOXIC solution to get rid of Aedes Genus that carries ZIKA and deadly DENGUE virus, Ridmozzie Outdoor and Indoor is the answer. Find out how you can test it for free for 1 time treatment if you are a pregnant mother.

Benefits of Ridmozzie Outdoor

  • Less harmful chemical used, Safe to humans, flora and fauna
  • Reduce usage of Insecticide, uses PlantZom Technology a plant based organic formulation
  • Long-lasting protections (up to 28 days)
  • Indoor treatment using a very ecofriendly repellant.
  • Save time and sustainable costs
  • Non-invasive / no extra space needed
  • It’s proven (significant reduction in mosquitoes of 70% to 85%)
  • Dengue free guarantee*

Benefits of Ridmozzie Indoor 2 in 1 

  • Repels Aedes that carries Dengue and Zika virus
  • Disinfect your home from air-borne bacteria.

If you are fully convinced as we are, you can choose to signup the packages below:

Package A

  • Buy 1 year Ridmozzie Outdoor/Indoor and get next year for 50%.

You save RM800 to RM8600

Package B

  • Buy 2 years Ridmozzie Outdoor/Indoor and get 1 year for free.

You save RM1600 to RM17200

For package A or B please buy from our Online SHOP and enjoy more special discounts!

How to qualify for free 1 time treatment outdoor & indoor (worth RM508 to RM1208)

  1. You need to proof that you are a pregnant mother by submit your appointment card to upload here.
  2. If you are dengue patient by submit your medical report to upload here.

Free treatment is based on first 100 qualified pregnant mothers or dengue patient, so act now and enjoy this free benefits.*

* First 100 qualified pregnant woman Or dengue patients’ home will be treated with Ridmozzie Outdoor of PlantZom spraying and maximum 5 units of Ridmozzie Indoor treatment.

For further inquiries, please contact us at 1-800-88-1777. Want to know more about RidMozzie? Click here.

Your feedback represents an opportunity to improve our services to meet your needs. Please submit your feedback here. Thank you for your time. We appreciate your support!

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